Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Thanks for the kind remarks

We genuinely appreciate the kind remarks about our radio show, and we hope you will continue to listen. Beginning Monday, April 2, our broadcast area will increase many times over with our move to simulcast at KASO 1240 AM and KBEF 104.5 FM. Time for the conversation will be the same, 6-7 p.m. Monday through Friday. We also hope to have streaming audio up and running by the time the show kicks off, but please be patient if we do not. It's in the works, and the station folks in Minden continue to seek servers. Look forward to hearing from you.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Let the good times begin

Louisiana's 2007 gunernatorial campaign just took on the twist of all twists. Friday, John Breaux declared he will be a candidate for Govenor if state Attorney General Charles Foti (a fellow Democrat) delivers a favorable opinion. Rep. Eric LeFleur, D-Ville Platte, chairman of the Democratic Legislative Caucus will ask for the legal opinion from Foti since, as a private citizen, Breaux does not have the necessary standing to request such a ruling. Foti's opinion will be just that, an opinion, and does not carry legal weight.
To say challenges will be filed is as obvious as Cajuns loving crawfish.
Republicans have been running ads attacking Breaux since his name surfaced as a potential candidate after Gov. Kathleen Blanco's numbers continued to languish in the Louisiana loo. Those ads will now be considered gentle compared to what will surely come. Also, watch for columns, ads and gutter talk to begin centering on Foti and his connection to Breaux through the same political party. Heck...the popular Foti may even draw a little opposition if he rules in favor of Breaux.
Sometimes the fun in reading what candidates and assorted politicos have to say is reading between the lines. According to the story in the Times Picayune, Breaux said one of the reasons he's decided to run if the AG says it's OK is, "(Republicans) have encouraged me to be a candidate” by running the attack ads which have not only challenged Breaux but his son. It doesn't take much imagination to read a not-so subliminal challenge into that statement. What Breaux is really saying, in our opinion, is, "OK, Bobby and Louisiana Republicans, you want a fight, you got it."
It might be wise for those who've had a tad of nasty fun at Breaux's expense to check their kevlar. As a student of politics and political battles, Breaux has had some very good teachers. Sometimes the danger of firing the first shot is, those who do the firing make the assumption they own the only gun in the fight.
Let the good times roll.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Now what?

Hardly a minute had passed after Gov. Kathleen Blanco's announcement that she would not seek a second term before experts across the state began analyzing who had gained and who had lost, who was happy and who was running. That speculation continues, and most of it surrounds the mysterious John Breaux, who has been tagged as both the Democrats' best chance of turning back Bobby Jindal, and the carpetbagger from Maryland who the good people of Louisiana will repudiate.
That's pretty bold speculation from both sides considering Breaux hasn't opened his mouth about his plans where Louisiana campaign '07 is concerned. There's about as many saying he will do it as there are saying he won't, and couldn't even if he wanted to (residency requirements and all that, ya know).
There is, according to insiders, a swing factor in Breaux's decision, and it isn't the probability of a court challenge, nor is it the absolute that everything with a door — White House, house house, camp house, hen house, outhouse and dog house — will be opened to see if anything skeletal falls out. It's not even the likely attack on his son's lobbying activities for companies and countries at the heart of issues which Breaux may have broached while he was a member of the U.S. Senate. Some are saying one of the keys to his decision lives at his same Maryland address...his wife.
There is talk among some who know the Breaux family that his wife, Lois, would love to see her husband run. It would mean taking up residence in Louisiana, and that would not hurt the feelings one bit of the Mrs. While there's financial security in the D.C. corridor for John, there are some things which may carry equal weight, such as how much the missus allegedly misses Louisiana. And, as we all know, if mama ain't happy, nobody's happy.
This may be just a little more talk surrounding an interesting situation, but there are those who believe Breaux is considering family options just as strongly as he's considering all others. He says it will be a "couple of weeks" before any decision will be made, but there's still that pesky little John Breaux for Governor web site just waiting to be chocked full with information.
Let's say Breaux does toss his hat into the ring. Who feels the "thud" more than Bobby Jindal? No one comes to mind right now, not even fellow Democrat Foster Campbell who would compete with Breaux for the core constituency. With Blanco, Jindal had a very simple campaign to run and his numbers showed it. Breaux, however, will be a different animal. There will be little Katrina baggage for Jindal to attach to the candidate, and there will be no overwhelming negative numbers to stick to the popular Breaux. The former Senator will also be able to match Jindal's fundraising prowess, and Louisiana could well become a battleground of the national parties which would mean Democrats might enjoy a momentum edge.
Jindal's best hope is that Breaux will opt out, which means he would meet a field which might not include any more Republicans than Walter Boasso and John Georges, and no big names other than Campbell and Chris John, the former U.S. Congressman who absorbed a pretty good thrahsing from David Vitter.
There would, most likely, be a bevy of Democrats — including every term limited legislator who has no real job — to dilute the vote even more.
The "now what" factor in the race now centers in Maryland. The "what now" piece of the puzzle, if Breaux does decide to run, will land squarely in the courts. It's a good bet that both Republicans and Democrats are already working on their briefs, and that's not a reference to wedgies.
Reminder: Our radio show is moving. Beginning Monday, April 2, we will be simulcast on KASO AM 1240 and KBEF 104.5 FM, originating from Minden. In Shreveport and Bossier (Caddo and Bossier parishes), the FM signal is strong. Tune in and let's keep the conversation moving along. There's plenty to talk about.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Moving on with radio

There comes a time in everyone's life, personal and professional, when a move may prove to be just what the doctor ordered. We certainly hope so, because there's a move ahead and we hope you'll come along for the ride.
For the past 18 months, we've broadcast our little political talk show on SuperTalk1340, KRMD. It's been fun and the experience we've gained has been beneficial. Now, we have an opportunity to expand the reach of our show by a multiple of many.
Beginning Monday, April 2, we will be broadcasting from our almost hometown radio station. Our show will be simulcast (for those of you in Leton, that means both at once) on KASO AM 1240 and KBEF FM 104.5 in Minden. Staffers at the station also are making steps toward getting the show on streaming audio for those of you who prefer the web. We will still be broadcasting from 6 until 7 p.m., so that stays the same.
The biggest difference is the reach of the stations. The AM station will cover most of Webster Parish and will take in Haughton to the west and almost to Homer in the east. It's the FM station which has us excited. KBEF 104.5 will give us coverage of just about all of Caddo Parish (some hilly areas in the north will find a little static, as will some of the downtown area of Shreveport), but we've found the signal to be strong in all of Bossier, Webster, Claiborne, Bienville and Red River parishes. Signal reach also covers danged near all of DeSoto along with large portions of Lincoln, Jackson and Natchitoches. Listeners in Farmerville, Ruston, Jonesboro, Natchitoches and even (on good days) Alexandria have answered inquiries about hearing the station.
To say our reach will increase dramatically is an understatement. We are really looking forward to the move, but we hate to leave the many friends we've made at SuperTalk. With no exceptions, everyone there has made us feel welcome. It's not their fault that the signal has limited reach, and we need that additional listenership for many reasons.
Please continue to listen, and if you've been caught in the static, come hear what you've been missing.
By the way...phone-ins will still be welcome as we now extend our conversation on politics to a regional audience.
Look forward to you hearing us, and to us hearing from you.

Democrats lurching leftward, and we ain't tick-led

The problem with being a yellow dog Democrat these days is the size and number of ticks one finds attaching themselves to the thinning skin while obediently heeling at the master’s feet. And, there’s the problem of whether we Dem canines should trail to the left or the right of said masters.
Perhaps the biggest tick of all currently infesting the large portion of we who would love to remain securely in the fold — even if we must assume the buttock portion of the Dem dog — is that well-oiled (and increasingly oily) machine, MoveOn.org. That, of course, is the George Soros funded, very left leaning group which merrily inserts (or tickbites) itself to whatever may impact the greatest number of “mainstream” issues.
There’s a case in point, which has conservative and moderate Democrats squirming over whether any potential presidential contender has — testicularly speaking — enough nerve to pick a point and stick with it. if that point seems to be contrary to those who heel to the left. The case involves the Nevada State Democratic Party and its recent decision to pull out of a scheduled August 14 presidential debate co-hosted by the party, the Western Majority Project and (gasp, dread, shiver) Fox News Channel and Fox News Radio.
It’s the Fox involvement which sent MoveOn.org-ers into an orgasmic frenzy of petition signing and spittle spattering. Calling the network a Republican propaganda machine (one of the nicer tags) and a promoter of out-of-touch right-wing thought, the MoveOn.org folks demanded the withdrawal of Democratic sponsorship and further ordered all Dem hopefuls to stay away.
First to get the hint was John Edwards, the champion of poor folk nationwide who finds those demon rich advantage-takers from the comfort of his 28,000 square foot home in the hallowed forests of Carolina. Here, it may be interesting to note that contender Edwards was also the first to follow MoveOn orders to apologize for voting to send troops into Iraq, a move which shows Edwards indeed does have the intestinal fortitude of an amoeba.
Following suit soon after in the drop out mode were the big two of Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton. Many found it particularly interesting that Mrs. Bill would drop out when considering that Fox birthmaster Rupert Murdoch spent, and raised, a multimillion bit of pennies sponsoring a fundraiser on behalf of the former First Lady who desires to be First Person in the White House. The obedience to orders of the top three Dems seeking nomination has many party heretofore faithful wondering who’s leading whom.
Particularly disgusting to many local and long-time Democrats is the fact that falling off the independence wagon for the sake of the far (out) left wing of the party comes on the heels of a pair of pandering political performances non-parallel by Obama and Clinton at black churches in Selma, Alabama recently. Speaking from pulpits only a few buildings apart one Sunday a couple of weeks ago, both Obama and Clinton trotted out the worst attempt at a Southern accent since Martin Sheen played Robert E. Lee. The usual eloquence with which Obama reaches out to crowds disappeared as he claimed to have been “in Selma befo,” invoking the cadence of an evangelist. Clinton, meanwhile, monotoned nasally as she quoted from a James Cleveland hymn.
In describing their performances as right pitiful, one is being gentlemanly, Southernly speaking of course.
Yielding to MoveOn.org on the Nevada debate issue has created a gargoyle whose appetite can never be quenched. Next, in all likelihood, no Democrats can debate in Southern states since MoveOn certainly believes they’ve yet to sufficiently apologize for slavery. No debates featuring the leading candidates can be held in Texas since those good ol’ boys at the Alamo were so nasty to those of Hispanic heritage who were merely trying to put down a rebellion of land-grabbing gringos. And certainly, we can never participate in a debate in any state which industrially adds greenhouse gases to an already globally warming environment. To meet MoveOn standards, green states only need apply.
By swaying with each wind that blows, the top three Democrats — from which the party’s 2008 nominee will likely come — are making long-time party faithfuls wonder if perhaps it’s not time to look across the aisle to see if anyone over there possesses the necessary equipment to stand firm in the face of fringe elements in the party. Most likely, we’ll find the same characteristics cased in different faces.
Somewhere there’s a candidate whose views have remained constant, and who seeks to serve more than the most vocal, the best connected and those who can fill the campaign war chest. If you happen to find him/her, let us know. So far, the best alternative for a trustworthy public servant we’ve discovered still has one semester to go in high school.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Seaux, Breaux readi 2 geaux?

Like the homecoming queen trying to decide between the quarterback and the all-star running back as her escort to the big dance, John Breaux is still playing it coy with Louisiana Democrats and the voters. It's deja vu all over again...same song (will he or won't he make one more run for his U.S. Senate seat), second verse (will he pass up that Senate for a run at the Governor's chair in '03) and speculation is running even more rampant.
Today (Thursday, March 8), a story in the local press quote Breaux "supporters" and insiders who believe he's still looking seriously at getting into the race, but there's the same old contingency — the incumbent must decide not to seek reelection. With her numbers still hanging around the lowest denominator for impetus, Gov. Kathleen Blanco is playing it just as close to the vest as Breaux. She maintains that she has a message to deliver and $3 million at her disposal with which to get that message to the voters. Gov. Blanco still says she's going to be a candidate, but adds that things change. Apparently that is intended to mean she can still change her mind.
This entire episode seems to boil down to the stuff which sends conspiracy theorists into orgasmic fits. Is Breaux allowing his name to be floated to shoo away potential challengers on the Democratic side? If so, he is overlooking or underplaying Foster Campbell, the populist Public Service Commissioner who has hired a pair of big guns in Alan Stonecipher and George Kennedy to be a part of his campaign. And, by the way, don't take that "populist" label lightly. In a recent statewide column, a writer referred to Republican Bobby Jindal as the kind of "populist" candidate which voters were seeking. Strange bedfellows, indeed.
Is Breaux's continued mention intended to give legislators on both sides of the aisle a not so subtle hint that working with the current governor is critical for their political future? Maybe. Breaux could be sending the subliminal version of the message we've all heard as children when dad said, "OK, straighten up. Don't make me come down there..."
Just to make the cheese a little more binding, we now hear from an assistant Attorney General that Breaux would most likely overcome a challenge to his "citizenship" in Louisiana, one alleged Constitutional prohibition against his entering the race. As the aAG pointed out, the courts have historically come down on the side of the candidate when a residency challenge was tossed down against a politician who moves out of state, then decided to come home. Looks like that tidbit means Breaux can run, if he decides to do so.
Nothing, speculatively speaking, will change before or during the current legislative session, which begins in April and concludes the end of June. After that, who knows. We doubt seriously if even Breaux's closest friends have the real answer.

Friday, March 02, 2007

Just for the heckuvait

Since every other news site in the world is keeping up, why shouldn't we give you a...
Pop princess Britney Spears has been offered an opportunity to ressurect her failing career. Now that she’s sporting a shaved head, she’s been offered the lead in a remake of the popular television series, “Kojak.”
A script has already been developed which would have the lollipop-sucking detective, played by Spears, investigating a suspected murder in a rehab clinic.
“If this proves as successful as we think it will be, there’s the possibility Ms. Spears will be asked to star in a new Broadway production of ‘The King and I.’ Of course, she would play the King of Siam, the Yul Brenner role. Negotiations are underway to land Paris Hilton for the part of school teacher to the king’s children, Anna. It’s gonna happen,” said Hollywood insiders involved with both projects.

Isn't it great to know that soon Kevin Federline won't be the only Spears working!