Monday, March 12, 2007

Democrats lurching leftward, and we ain't tick-led

The problem with being a yellow dog Democrat these days is the size and number of ticks one finds attaching themselves to the thinning skin while obediently heeling at the master’s feet. And, there’s the problem of whether we Dem canines should trail to the left or the right of said masters.
Perhaps the biggest tick of all currently infesting the large portion of we who would love to remain securely in the fold — even if we must assume the buttock portion of the Dem dog — is that well-oiled (and increasingly oily) machine, That, of course, is the George Soros funded, very left leaning group which merrily inserts (or tickbites) itself to whatever may impact the greatest number of “mainstream” issues.
There’s a case in point, which has conservative and moderate Democrats squirming over whether any potential presidential contender has — testicularly speaking — enough nerve to pick a point and stick with it. if that point seems to be contrary to those who heel to the left. The case involves the Nevada State Democratic Party and its recent decision to pull out of a scheduled August 14 presidential debate co-hosted by the party, the Western Majority Project and (gasp, dread, shiver) Fox News Channel and Fox News Radio.
It’s the Fox involvement which sent into an orgasmic frenzy of petition signing and spittle spattering. Calling the network a Republican propaganda machine (one of the nicer tags) and a promoter of out-of-touch right-wing thought, the folks demanded the withdrawal of Democratic sponsorship and further ordered all Dem hopefuls to stay away.
First to get the hint was John Edwards, the champion of poor folk nationwide who finds those demon rich advantage-takers from the comfort of his 28,000 square foot home in the hallowed forests of Carolina. Here, it may be interesting to note that contender Edwards was also the first to follow MoveOn orders to apologize for voting to send troops into Iraq, a move which shows Edwards indeed does have the intestinal fortitude of an amoeba.
Following suit soon after in the drop out mode were the big two of Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton. Many found it particularly interesting that Mrs. Bill would drop out when considering that Fox birthmaster Rupert Murdoch spent, and raised, a multimillion bit of pennies sponsoring a fundraiser on behalf of the former First Lady who desires to be First Person in the White House. The obedience to orders of the top three Dems seeking nomination has many party heretofore faithful wondering who’s leading whom.
Particularly disgusting to many local and long-time Democrats is the fact that falling off the independence wagon for the sake of the far (out) left wing of the party comes on the heels of a pair of pandering political performances non-parallel by Obama and Clinton at black churches in Selma, Alabama recently. Speaking from pulpits only a few buildings apart one Sunday a couple of weeks ago, both Obama and Clinton trotted out the worst attempt at a Southern accent since Martin Sheen played Robert E. Lee. The usual eloquence with which Obama reaches out to crowds disappeared as he claimed to have been “in Selma befo,” invoking the cadence of an evangelist. Clinton, meanwhile, monotoned nasally as she quoted from a James Cleveland hymn.
In describing their performances as right pitiful, one is being gentlemanly, Southernly speaking of course.
Yielding to on the Nevada debate issue has created a gargoyle whose appetite can never be quenched. Next, in all likelihood, no Democrats can debate in Southern states since MoveOn certainly believes they’ve yet to sufficiently apologize for slavery. No debates featuring the leading candidates can be held in Texas since those good ol’ boys at the Alamo were so nasty to those of Hispanic heritage who were merely trying to put down a rebellion of land-grabbing gringos. And certainly, we can never participate in a debate in any state which industrially adds greenhouse gases to an already globally warming environment. To meet MoveOn standards, green states only need apply.
By swaying with each wind that blows, the top three Democrats — from which the party’s 2008 nominee will likely come — are making long-time party faithfuls wonder if perhaps it’s not time to look across the aisle to see if anyone over there possesses the necessary equipment to stand firm in the face of fringe elements in the party. Most likely, we’ll find the same characteristics cased in different faces.
Somewhere there’s a candidate whose views have remained constant, and who seeks to serve more than the most vocal, the best connected and those who can fill the campaign war chest. If you happen to find him/her, let us know. So far, the best alternative for a trustworthy public servant we’ve discovered still has one semester to go in high school.


Blogger Kevan Smith said...

Judging from your little rant, you're already a Republican. Might as well make it official. Then you'll have an even kookier "fringe" to talk about: rifle-brandishing racists along the border, hypocrite homo-bashing meth-using preachers, Ann Coulter and Mike Savage!

2:37 PM  
Anonymous John Agan said...

Pat, since you're now going to be "hearable" over here in your home turf, I decided to check in on your blog, also.

Don't know how far you "back track" to see posts, but if you get this one, I'd like a little more information.

Other than finding their syntax and inflection offensive. exactly what did you find offensive, and to your mind antithetical to a Democratic Party you could support, about the comments of Clinton and Obama in Selma.

I noted further down you referenced apoligizing for slavery, but that seems a little different than speaking in honor of a movement key in extending voting rights to so many Americans, that took place in many of our lifetimes.

Coming from your "neck of the woods" and being about 10 years ago behind you -- I know you should well remember a time when there were fewer than 100 black registered voters in our part of your famed "Golden Triangle".

I get the concept of your view of the Democratic Party, I think, and now that I can hear you more often, I'll probably get a better grip. But, I am a little non-plussed why anyone who would have even an inkling of desire to call themselves a Democrat would find paying homage to the events of Bloody Sunday offensive.

6:33 PM  

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