Thursday, March 08, 2007

Seaux, Breaux readi 2 geaux?

Like the homecoming queen trying to decide between the quarterback and the all-star running back as her escort to the big dance, John Breaux is still playing it coy with Louisiana Democrats and the voters. It's deja vu all over again...same song (will he or won't he make one more run for his U.S. Senate seat), second verse (will he pass up that Senate for a run at the Governor's chair in '03) and speculation is running even more rampant.
Today (Thursday, March 8), a story in the local press quote Breaux "supporters" and insiders who believe he's still looking seriously at getting into the race, but there's the same old contingency — the incumbent must decide not to seek reelection. With her numbers still hanging around the lowest denominator for impetus, Gov. Kathleen Blanco is playing it just as close to the vest as Breaux. She maintains that she has a message to deliver and $3 million at her disposal with which to get that message to the voters. Gov. Blanco still says she's going to be a candidate, but adds that things change. Apparently that is intended to mean she can still change her mind.
This entire episode seems to boil down to the stuff which sends conspiracy theorists into orgasmic fits. Is Breaux allowing his name to be floated to shoo away potential challengers on the Democratic side? If so, he is overlooking or underplaying Foster Campbell, the populist Public Service Commissioner who has hired a pair of big guns in Alan Stonecipher and George Kennedy to be a part of his campaign. And, by the way, don't take that "populist" label lightly. In a recent statewide column, a writer referred to Republican Bobby Jindal as the kind of "populist" candidate which voters were seeking. Strange bedfellows, indeed.
Is Breaux's continued mention intended to give legislators on both sides of the aisle a not so subtle hint that working with the current governor is critical for their political future? Maybe. Breaux could be sending the subliminal version of the message we've all heard as children when dad said, "OK, straighten up. Don't make me come down there..."
Just to make the cheese a little more binding, we now hear from an assistant Attorney General that Breaux would most likely overcome a challenge to his "citizenship" in Louisiana, one alleged Constitutional prohibition against his entering the race. As the aAG pointed out, the courts have historically come down on the side of the candidate when a residency challenge was tossed down against a politician who moves out of state, then decided to come home. Looks like that tidbit means Breaux can run, if he decides to do so.
Nothing, speculatively speaking, will change before or during the current legislative session, which begins in April and concludes the end of June. After that, who knows. We doubt seriously if even Breaux's closest friends have the real answer.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gee, Pat, if the AG had shown up for your show the other night, you could've asked him personally if Breaux can run. I think if Breaux wants to run, he should p??? or get off the pot. Blanco is such a weak governor, I don't believe she can win again. Does Breaux really want to take the chance that Louisiana will have a republican governor? I believe her "feelings" and whether or not she intends to run again should no longer be a consideration. Breaux, just do it ... or don't. But stop talking about it. It makes you sound wishy-washy. And that's where you could take a lesson from Foster Campbell. Whatever anyone thinks about Foster, wishy-washy is something he ain't.

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Annoymous said...

Pyuish just thought he was gonna be guv. Grand ma Blanco just thought she wanted to run again and Breaux knows he does not want the headache but still loves the attention.

Run Foster run.....

12:39 PM  
Anonymous Ben Dere said...

Jump in's about time somebody exposed your "moderate" Democrat record. Stay in, Blank-Oh. You need to know just what Louisiana thinks about you. Keep it up, Foster. Get past an oil and gas tax, and you ain't got a clue. Run, Jindal, run.

1:31 PM  
Anonymous Lib the Tarian said...

As usual, you're relying on common sense to offer opinions on this year's goober race. Stop it. This is, after all, Louisiana where we reward incompetence with promotion and longevity, and hard work with a good swift kick in the ass. Our best hope is that Breaux will get in the race along with Blanco, Jindal, Boasso, Georges, Campbell and about a dozen more so we can continue our trend of idiocy.

1:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let Breaux stay in Maryland/D.C. and make meaux munny than he's ever made in his life. Five years without him has been just fine. As for Gov. Blanco, let her run. Foster Campbell will knock her down a couple of notches, then give us a glimpse into how much patience Jindal can muster against a pretty good stormy campaigner.

2:46 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The more speculation surrounds Breaus, the more breathing space he gives Blanco. That, students, is the reason JB is allowing people to say he's "seriously" considering running. No really, I'm not just considering, I'm seriously considering. Next week, I'll be very seriously considering. C'mon, John...consider this!!0)

2:28 PM  

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