Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Love those informative websites

Two websites, each slamming the perceived leader of opposing parties in the governor's race, are up and running with yummy tidbits a’plenty.
If you’re looking for anything dirty on John Breaux, type in and there’s just what you’re after.
If, on the other hand, Bobby Jindal is the target of your non-affections, visit and there you are.
At the bottom of the home page on the Jindal site is a line which says the site is "paid for by the Louisiana Democratic Party — not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee." Likewise, Breaux’s slamfest contains a similar claim — "paid for by the Republican Party of Louisiana."
At least there’s honesty in disclosure, if not content.
Voters who believe they’ll be educated by either site also believe in the tooth fairy. If there's anything better than watching a couple of kindergarteners fight over a crayon, it's watching sophisticated political parties give us "facts" we should know about the opposition.


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